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Hi friends. How are you doing? Today I want to share with you five ways, five steps for you to protect your business from the current crisis. My name is Lorna Earnshaw. I am an online marketing consultant. I'm an online marketing entrepreneur. I'm the author of the bestseller book. Speak out to close deals, and today I decided to do this broadcast, these Facebook live because I see that there are a lot of people that are kind of freaking out right now and people are wondering how to make it through the current situation. We all know what's going on. We all know that there is a lot of fear around. We all know that everything that is happening besides effecting our lives, besides effecting the health of the whole world, and this is a real threat. This is a real threat. I'm not trying to minimize the situation besides that.

We know that this is affecting the economy. There is a recession going on. The recession is here. This is not something that we're scared that might happen. This is happening right now and a lot of people are losing their jobs right now. A lot of people have reduced income. A lot of entrepreneurs and business people are suffering with this. A lot of clients are leaving, a lot of deals are putting on hold and this is the reason why I came here to talk to you because I know that this can be extremely scary and I know that all of us right now we're kind of in instead of a shock. This is the beginning, this is something that happened in the past weeks. This is something that none of us were expecting. So it's normal. It's something that it makes sense that we are kind of in shock right now trying to figure out what's happening and kind of freaking out.

This is a first reaction and I would say, okay, you are kind of allowed to have this first reaction, but you need to move ahead and you need to stop the panic and at some point you're going to have to take action, right? Just sitting there and freaking out and thinking that everything that could happen. And the world is going to, and this is not going to put you in a better situation. Some people, some people are being paid right now even if they're not working. Some people have jobs in the government, some people have these kind of assurance right now, but this is not all of us. A lot of us, we need to go out. We need to hunt to eat right? We need to go out there and we need to find the businesses for ourselves. So this is the case. If you have a service business, like if you're offering a service as a service based business, if you're a coach, if you're a therapist, if you are doing any type of work that is service-based or if you are selling something, if you have your own business.

In those cases there are a lot of people that are like freaking out right now because they're wondering what is going to happen, how are we going to hold on in this situation, and this is why I'm saying I'm not trying to minimize this, but I am trying to think with you in a more positive. But at the same time, realistic way and understand that this is a change that is happening. There's nothing that we can do to make this not happen. This is happening. So there is a change. The world will never be the same way it was yesterday. There is a change and nothing is going to stay the same. So what happens to those who don't change? When there is a change with those who don't adapt? And I was thinking about the dinosaurs, right? There was this thing happening, this change happening in the world, millions of years ago, and only those who adapted were the ones who survived the ones, the species that weren't able to adapt disappeared.

So right now, because of the changes are happening, you have those two options. You can stay, stuck, doing the same things that you were doing before and freaking out because things are not working anymore. Or you need to be willing to adapt. And this has to be a movement that is going to be fast. Okay? So in the meantime, while everybody's freaking out, you need to realize that there was an opportunity for you to create something new right now. And if, if your people, if your all guys are watching this, Hey Raj, how are you doing? Uh, so if you guys are here, just let me know if you can hear me. I'm just trying to run a new set up here. I'm not sure if this sound is going well. So let me know if you can hear me. Put it here in the comment section below.

And also in case you know someone that might be freaking out because of this, someone that has a business that is going, that's going down, uh, please share this broadcast because I'm going to be dropping some stuff that it's gonna be super, super helpful. Okay. So share it when you feel that this is going to be something that it's going to help somebody else. So as I was saying right now, we need to adapt. We cannot be sitting down crying and watching the news all the time. And I am guilty. I am keep, I keep updating myself all the time. More than I should. I, I, I'm going to say that. But what if instead of you putting all the time in updating and all this little details, how many people have died in different States or whatever? What if you go and start doing some research?

What if you start opening your mind into things that can help you be in a better position? I know that there are different types of businesses. There are certain businesses that are suffering right now, and that cannot translate into a different right now into an online format right now. For example, if you have, let's say a a movie theater, if you're the owner of a movie theater, you will not be able to present the same, the same, uh, opportunities for your business right now, right? You need to, to create a whole new system. You need to find partnerships or, and I'm sure that people in the movie industry, they're, are finding ways of releasing their movies in a different format, right? But the fact is that there are so many people watching movies right now, the internet, it's like, I imagine, honestly, I imagine the cables of the internet like being super hot and you know, over heating it will almost exploding because we are all online guys.

We are online. That's the thing. At the same time that a lot of businesses are going down, there are certain businesses that are thriving. I'm trying to buy groceries online and I wasn't able to, I wasn't able to make the order go through. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and it took hours until they, I think that they got more people to work on the orders and they got new people to prepare the orders so they're selling more. Okay. These people are selling more, try to buy something on Amazon and see what happens. So many people are going to Amazon and buying stuff on Amazon and eCommerce, eCommerce, it's exploding right now. It's exploding. And Amazon that used to be something that would deliver in one day or two days. Now it's taken longer to deliver. So suddenly they, there, there is more room because people need more than what Amazon has to offer.

So what I'm trying to say right now is that money didn't disappear. Opportunity didn't disappeared. Things changed. And that's all. And many people, they're just trying to lower their prices and thinking that that's the only thing that they can do. So for example, they have clients and they start seeing that their clients are canceling appointments. Their clients are not buying as much and they just go and they lower the prices. The thing is that right now it's not about blowing the prices. It's not, and go and see the prices of a toilet paper. People are paying a lot of money for toilet paper. So that goes to show you that it's not about lowering the price of what you have to offer. It's about offering something that people need, something that it's a primary necessity right now. People will not be spending money on things that they would be spending money two or three months ago.

For example. I'm not buying shoes right now, high heels because I'm just sitting at home and it wouldn't really make sense for me to go and buy high heels right now when I am not sure what's to happen. I'm not sure how my, my income's going to be affected. So this is not a primer necessity. It's not something that I would compare. I will be compelled on spending money on. So there are all the things that are more important. However, for example, I was, I was buying stuff of for the orders that I'm putting on on Amazon. And honestly, I'm not even looking at the prices so much right now first, because I'm not spending money on other things and I have more income to spend on things are more important. And second, because of the fear of missing out and whatever's showing right there, I'm buying the first one that is showing up because I'm like, okay, I just need, I need this.

So I need to have this and I've been overpaying for things that I would normally not overpay ever because I usually go and look at prices. So I'm telling you all this so that you can observe that it is not about lowering your prices, that it's going to get you more sales. Of course, when you lower your price in this situation, what has to do with it? The answer to offer and demand, you will be able to make your offer more attractive. But this is only one of the components you need to find things that people need right now. And the thing is that there are a lot of things that people need. You need to figure out how you can provide the value and the things that people need right now. Okay? So there is no use and for you to keep on trying to push things that are not valuable right now.

You need to find what are the things that people need, you need to adapt. You need to detach yourself for what you were thinking that you were about to do or what you were doing three months ago and move into this new realm and you need to find new clients, new prospects, new offers, and new messaging. So this is that. The first thing that I wanted to say is first you don't need to panic. You need to adapt. You need to look at the situation and be willing to adapt into change so that you can make it through. The second thing, as I said before, money is out there. People are willing to pay. When you have something to offer that is a value, you need to find that and for example, I'm going to give another example. I just cannot be give a lot of details, but someone in my family in the world war two made a fortune helping Jewish getting out of Europe and go into South America doing, being part of that, being part of that, he made a fortune, so I'm not saying that you're going to go and take advantage of the needs of other people.

I'm not trying to say that. I'm not trying to say for you to go and buy toilet paper and resell it for 50 times the price. I'm not saying that, I'm just saying there is money out there, there are needs and there are people that have money that are willing to pay for it. Okay, so now the next thing, Oh my God, I shouldn't be taking advantage of people. People right now I should be working for free. Okay? If everybody thinks like that, we are going to go back to an economy of everything. Like nothing is going to happen. Like the capitalism is not going to happen. How are you gonna pay your rent? How are you going to pay for food? When I try to order something on whole foods, nobody's giving me the food for free. I need to figure out a way to pay for that.

I need to pay and we need to keep on selling to those people who are willing to pay for that. Now do want to help. That's awesome. Help. Help. Help in a different way, but protect your business and also what you can do if you really want to help. This is something that I've seen a lot of marketers doing right now is they're giving right now a lot of stuff for free to offer because at the same time, this is expanding their brands. Okay? I was looking at a brand of a very, very well known, uh, marketing educational platform online that has been given away access to their platforms on their programs until the end of the month for 10 days. And I was looking at their numbers. They got like 21,000 new members inside their platform, their membership, the price of their membership, the monthly membership of this programs is $100 a month.

Okay, so let's put some numbers together. They're helping people right now, okay? They're saying, okay guys, we're going through all of this. We want to be generous. We want to give you access to go through this until the end of the month, 21,000 people, more than 21,000 people signed up. This is what they say, okay? I'm following what they, what they informed. 21,00 people. Let's say that 20% of the people who signed up continue with a membership after this free. It's a free trial, right? It's not going to be more than a free trial because you, a lot of people will see the value and they will continue. Let's put it like 20% so 20% it's forty two thousand forty four thousand two hundred now let's put the numbers together. Let's say they're, they have 21,000 people who sign up 20% it's going to be 4,240 to a hundred times a hundred how much money is that?

That's 400 and $420,000 a month of revenue that they are bringing in with no cost because they just sent out a message to their list and now their habit they have, they're growing their revenue to $420,000 a month. And why are people signing up for this? Because this is an online marketing program. People want to learn how to sell their things online because this is a very important skill that you can have right now. This is a skill that I develop over more than 10 years. How to sell my, my products and my services online so you can help people and by helping people you will be also expanding your brand. So yeah, I'm saying be generous 100% but don't start feeling guilt because you're charging. Don't do that. We need to keep on working in the economy. We need to keep the economy going.

We need to pay bills, we need to buy food. We all have bills to pay. We cannot stop the economy and giving everything away. We can't do that. So don't feel bad about that. You can support people. Yes. I think that there are ways for you to support people, but don't feel bad about charging people who have money are willing to pay. Okay. And don't let any like hiccups that you have with money block you from charging. Okay. Again, I'm not saying that you take advantage of people. I'm not saying that I'm all into helping. I think that you need to help and you need to show up for the people that you care about. For example, I have my team, I have a virtual assistant that's depending on me. What's going to happen if I stopped pays? If I start selling, how am I gonna pay her?

She's relying on me. I need to provide for her. So I said, okay, I will give her an advance so that she has money to buy food because I can, I guess talk food in my fridge, but I know that she can't. So I go there and say, okay, I'll gonna pay you in advance. We're going to have to really work really hard to get more clients. Okay, let's do this together. She's like, I'm in, so this is what I want. I wanted to tell you, money is out there. Opportunity is out there. You need to adapt. Those who adapt, those who don't freak out, do those who take action in the right way. They're going to grow. Why? Because this is going to pass. It has always passed. There has been the World war II, the first war, the first world war as well.

There has been a crisis, crashes and during all these times they didn't have the internet. We have a internet. I think that we're really blessed. We have so many other opportunities that people, even in our families, they didn't have and they make it made it through and they, they, they just went through all that and you'd pass and the economy recovered, so this is possible. This is something that you have to think about it don't get stuck in the, in the thought of, "Oh my God, I will not do anything." And this is something that is going to happen. Your body's to tug to not to do anything. Your bod is going to tell you, Oh my God, I will just hold onto my money and just stay here and protected and I think that this is happening right now, especially as I said, because it's the beginning.

We don't know how long is this going to take. We don't know when are we going to be able to go out, but people, people that are resting in that first couple of weeks, they're going to start getting bored and they're going to start consuming more. They will ride my words. You need to get ready when those changes happen. Okay. So the third thing that I wanted to share with you, and please let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions, I will be checking this out later. I will be coming back and looking at the questions and answering. Let me know if you have any questions and any things that you want me to address because I will be sharing this afterwards. Okay.

The third thing that I wanted to talk about is change your message and change your offer. Change your message and change your offer. Don't be stubborn when I'm saying you that you need to, uh, keep on working and keep on selling and keep on going with your business. I'm not saying that you should just be like an insane person ignoring what's happening in the world. And I noticed that even I get kind of annoyed when I see someone that is talking about things that are trivial and not important when all at the same time as all of this is happening. So we need to acknowledge what is happening and we need to create offers and we need to create a different messaging that it's going to work in this moment. You cannot stick with the same things on the same offers that you were talking about three months ago.

So for example, right now it's not the time for us to go out there and say "Scale your business. Let's stay and make $1 million. If you're making $10,000." I think this is time to talk about protecting your business, how to protect your family, how to make it through, how to stay mentally stable, how to go through this period of the quarantine, offering things that can be of help today. Things that can be something useful today. You cannot be insisting as if nothing has happened. So you need to incorporate this current situation and understand how this is affecting every, each one of us. You need to work on this, on that. So I'm going to give you an example. People, I'm starting to help, especially people who are therapists in the mental health niche. Why? Because I know that from now on, for the next months, three, four months, all these changes and all these things are happening, these, these are things that are going to make people lose their minds a lot more.

There are people that who already have issues and already suffer from mental issues. I've already suffered. I've suffered depression. I've recovered, thank God because I had a lot, a lot of help from professionals. I really believe in it. I did a treatment EMDR online with someone who did this treatment through Skype for me and it was super, super helpful. So I truly believe in that and I know that that is something that people will need a lot right now. So I am helping therapists to find new clients, to find ways to connect with those new clients online to go and create this, tell it. What would they say is, they call it telemedicine, right? Because we know that people are not going to be able to go to hospitals. There is no way to go to a hospital right now. So maybe you have a lot of ways of helping people from home going online and changing the way you've been doing things until today.

And this is gonna open, open an opportunity for you to create an offer with a message that has to do with it's happening right now. There's current, you cannot ignore what is happening. So I said before, find things that people need. I really believe that therapists need this kind of help, right? How are they going to get new clients? All the people who can need help. You can work with anything that has to do with e-commerce, with anything that has to do with remote coaching and finding things that are very, very things that people need. Go and look around and find those things. People who are doing that, they're going to have a huge growth. Okay. This morning I had an interview with a, an a podcast that, uh, interviewed me so that I could give ideas on how to go through this. This challenging situation that we're at, and this is a podcast for software companies, companies that offer platforms with software for people who work remotely.

And I'm like, "Oh my God, these are the people that I have to talk right now to because this is the opportunity". Let's say everything is going bad. Now let's talk about zoom. You know, zoom, zoom. It's a type of a, it's a tool to communicate online and it's a tool that we use, especially for meetings, for webinars. And it's a video conference call. So zoom, it's being used to teach for schools or schools, universities, everything's going to go remote. So imagine how zoom is growing right now. And I am aware that they've been given away so many, um, trials and plans because they know that right now is the opportunity for them to take over the market. They're going to take over because there's going to be so many people coming into this, people that didn't even know that this existed, or maybe they didn't believe that they would these be something that could work.

Suddenly they will be forced to using their online system of a remote studying. Right. Remote education. I want to talk a little bit about my experience with the remote education. When I transitioned into that, I started as a singing coach more than 15 years ago as teaching one-on-one. Then I created my DVD. It was a program that I sold and DVD that I want into a recorded program and all the time what I had, it was the objection of people thinking, Oh, this is not gonna work because you should be one on one that the person for this to work. So I had their resistance. Okay. At the same time, I had some people that had the same resistance because they didn't want to take their Skype lessons with me because they felt that that wouldn't work. They thought that the only way to make it work would be being one-on-one in person.

And there was something that, it was an objection, guys. It wasn't objection until, for example, one of my students that has been my students for more than 14 years because he loves taking lessons to me. Uh, he started taking Skype lessons and then he realized that he was the same and there was something, just an objection that he had in his head. Like, Oh no, going online. It's not going to work. This has to be in person. Then he started having the lessons and then he started believing in it. Okay, now we're in a moment in which people will be forced to try it out. They cannot think, Oh, okay, I will do it in person. They don't have that option anymore, so we have to go online. So it's time for you to adapt and to go online. Okay, so this is the fourth thing that I wanted to tell you.

Go online. And why go online first? Because you cannot be in person right now with all the people, right? You can't. You have to be online with them. You need to provide a solution for the current situation in which people cannot be meeting one on one second. This is going to give you more control and more freedom after this is, this is over because you are going to be able to have more freedom. You're going to be able to travel. I do that. I don't work in a studio anymore in my own studio, a physical studio. I only do stuff remotely because I want to have that. And at the same time, you're not going to have all the expenses that you would have when you have a physical location, right? That it's limiting you. So this is something that ultimately is going to help you grow, scale and have less.

You're going to have less expenses and you're going to be able to get a cheap, a, a business, create a business that it's going to serve people in a lot of different places. With my online business, I was able to sell almost a thousand programs from people from all over the world, Africa, uh, from Portugal, Brazil, the United States. I would have never had that opportunity if I would have been just working in my studio one and one. So that is going to give you that opportunity. Okay. And now the other thing that I wanted to tell you is that maybe right now you're freaking out because you're in one of the countries in which we are going towards the peak of the crisis off the health crisis in which we get more and more and more and more cases every day, but the fact is it's going to go up and it's going to go down.

This is what's happened in China and this is what happened in Japan and why I mentioned in Japan right now, my biggest client right now, my in online marketing consulting is a client. I work with two office companies that are seven figure businesses. These are businesses that are making more than $150,000 in sales a month, okay. The other businesses, that business that has already made 350 grand a month in sales, okay? These are businesses that are well established in Japan and they hired me to do their online marketing in Japan. They stopped talking to me like a couple of weeks ago when all this started happening and I was about to renew the contract. It was a six figure deal that already had that I completed and I was about to renew that deal to continue working with them. In the midst of all this, they started constantly some of the events because they weren't able to, to gather so many people in Japan.

You know what happened yesterday? This person let me know that they were open in Japan. He said the, they're waiting for this to go away. They're getting ready because now there are less cases of Corona virus in Japan than in the whole California. He has these brand in Japan and he also has a couple of locations here in the United States for this brand. Okay? Because this is a physical, uh, it's a, it's a entertainment park business. They have businesses in Japan and businesses here in the United States, in the United States, the stores are closed, okay? As everything else. However, in Japan it is open and they need me. In Japan, there are not as many online marketers are here. This is the reason why they hired me and this is the reason why I'm charging top dollar for my services because this is something that they don't have there.

So what I'm telling you this, there is a lot of opportunity in all the countries in other countries that are not the United States right now that we are in the midst of this craziness. There are all countries where things are more normal. There are all the countries that people are willing, where the people are willing to invest and to keep on working on their businesses. And when you use the internet you can, you can go and you can talk to those people. How we have outreach, we can go and talk to people and connect with two people in the internet. We can create our, our brand online. We can do an advertisement and we can target people in places that are not being affected. If you have a product or a service that, for example, if you are a therapist, you can perfectly work with people that are in countries that are not affected as much as the United States where people speak English. Where people need maybe your work as a consultant and these people, they still have money.

They're still need what you have to offer. So there is opportunity out there when you learn how to look for it. So what I wanted to ask you is to go and do some research right now instead of just checking all the news, the updates on how bad things are, go and do some research on what are the businesses that are arising right now, what are the things? The other day I met her research and I put what are the jobs that are going to stay after during this crisis when everything is going away and there was a list of it and it gave me, it gave me a lot of ideas. What are the companies that are thriving right now? This are things that are going to give you a lot of ideas on what you, how you can change and. I'm not saying that you're going to just completely go and change and throw everything away because I believe that this is going to improve, but you can't right now.

Start making changes and adjustments in your offers. Creating something that can help people right now. Maybe create an additional income, maybe create a new business. Okay. Let's say if you're a hypnotherapist, I'm helping some hypnotherapists right now, so when you're a therapist, let me know here in the comments section below. I want to talk to you about what I'm doing right now because I think it's going to be super cool. I'm sharing some ideas, especially for Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and I. I'm know that you're going to love this. Okay, but let's talk about that example specifically. There was a hypnotherapist, extremely well known Marisa Peer, and I'm sure that you heard of her. She has a huge brand online. She doesn't only work one on one, but she scaled her business. She created a huge brand that has all types of products that she sells.

She does speaking engagements, she sells books. She is built and expanded her brand through the internet. Right now we have a huge opportunity of doing this because people will be craving. People need a lot of support, psychological support, and this is going to just go, just go up and up and up and up. When you are, if you're a psychotherapist, you know what I'm talking about. People are locked in houses. People that already were struggling and going to be struggling more, they're going to be in touch with their families all the time without going to their jobs. People will lose their jobs. People will have all this types of, um, panic attacks because there is all this panic going on in the world. So these types of therapists are going to be extremely needed, extremely needed. So you could be creating your brand online today and attracting a lot of new people to come into your world so that you can build your business.

It's the perfect time. Also because people need this. A lot of people are online today that weren't here yesterday. Also because the cost for you to advertise online, when you know how to do it, you need to know how to do it. It's not just going there and just starting like boosting posts. That's not going to help you, okay. When you know how to do it, how to advertise, you're going to pay less per lead and it's a great opportunity for you to grow. It's a great opportunity for you to connect with those people. The costs for advertisement are going down, okay? As you have seen, a lot of things are going on sale. Advertisement is one of the things that are going to sell and people are online all the time because they cannot go out. So this is an extremely good opportunity for you to build your brand. Okay? And this is why I can help you to do so.

Now, uh, what I wanted to tell you is um, the last thing because I wrote here in my notes, all the things that I wanted to share with you is now is the time in which you're going to be protecting your business. But after all these has passed, you are going to be able to scale your business. Sometimes the worst things that happen to us are the best things that happened to us. It depends on how work around them. It depends on the ma, the changes that we make after seeing that, you know, there are a lot of people that have lost their jobs and then that has opened the doors for them opening a window. They said they want a door is closed. There is a window that opens at the same time for you to create something different. So maybe that is a window that is opening for you, the scaling of your business.

This is the thing that may be you need to take your business and your career into the next step. I know that it might be scary. Every change is scary. I feel it too, you know, we need to really work on our mental state or mental health so that we are able to deal with it. Okay. At the same time, I'm not saying that everything is beautiful, that everything is fine, that you have to ignore this. No, I am saying Look what's going on? Adapt. Try not to act out of the emotions of panic. Look for the opportunity and be willing to make the changes so that you can be of help so that you can bring in value into the world and when you charge and when you make money, you are going to be helping other people because you're going to be able to beat by other things and you're going to be activating the economy.

Don't fall into this. I kind of like heard a couple of people saying, "Oh, we need to do our services for free". Honestly, I don't believe in that. I think there is a way for you to donate and for you to help. But at the same time, I think that as a business owner you need to realize that you need to keep the health of your business. You have bills to keep on operating your business. I do have bills, I have a team that I have to pay. I have my, my commitment to different providers and this is the way it works. You know, we're, we don't get things for free so don't feel like you have to give everything away. There is a way to help the world, but think ahead, think ahead of the curve. Get ready. Okay. So let me know if you have any questions.

I will be more than happy to give you my perspective over these things. As I said before, uh, in my case I am, for example, I am fine because I have, I work remotely and my client is in Japan and Japan and things are fine. You know, it's under control. They just, they're subsiding, they're good, they're open, you know, I will be, I'll keep on working with them. Let's find together a solution for you. Okay? So if you have any questions, let me know. I'm creating a program and creating something to help you to navigate through this. When you don't have all the experience, all the knowledge of online marketing, I can help you put this together. Text me, send me a message, send a comment, and let's chat. Especially if you are a Hypnotherapist, a Therapist. I have a lot of really, really cool ideas and I want to share them with you. Okay? So thanks for much. Thanks so much for being here. Stay safe. Stay at home, work on your immunity, eat healthy. Rest, meditate, and I'll see you around. Bye. Bye.


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