About Small Pleasures in Life and Breaks. About Going Out and Breath.

Today I finally got out of the house and got away from my computer. Time to go out, and as you can see have some frozen yogurt. As an online entrepreneur, I don’t have a 9-5 pm schedule that I need to follow, and, being honest, I tend to work out way too much... Way more than if I had a 9-5 job... My boyfriend frequently fights me because he says I work too much and I spend too much time in front of my computer. He’s right. I am addicted to crossing out tasks of my do-to list... But you know what? I’m working on changing that.

I’ve realized that I haven’t enjoyed my life as much as I could have in the last 10 years or more (yeah, it’s that bad!). I believe in hard work, but I confess I’m way too obsessed with achieving my goals or knocking down my to-do list. This obsession is not the main reason why I’ve been a success. I fact I believe it’s the reason why I’m not even more successful... That much stress and pressure have prevented me to grow even faster and to achieve even more success.

That’s why I now chose to make things different. I want to enjoy every movement of freedom without the pressure of achieving. And I know that when I get to do that, I’ll be a better coach and a better professional. I’ll be more creative and more fun to be around. I’ll be achieving what I believe that every entrepreneur craves, even if they don’t admit it. ..Even if they wear their overworked lives as badges of honor.

In the end, we all want to feel happy and free. We all want peace. We don’t want to be slaves of our businesses or the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Today, It took me a while to shut down my computer even if my task wasn’t completed.  But I’m getting better at it...


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