Do you know how to breathe?


I know: you breathe. All the time. But in this in video you'll be surprised to realize that the one thing you've been constantly doing your whole life might not be performed in the right way to support you with the oxygen you need... Actually, most of the people breath in an ineffective way without even knowing! This might even be contributing to keep your stress levels high. In this video, you'll check if you are taking full advantage of the benefits of breathing and I'll show you how to breathe in a more productive way that will support your voice. Try out the test I show you here and let me know what was the result in the comments section below! 

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  • When you breathe, do you lift up your shoulders and chest? In that case you are using the chest breathing.
  • The chest breathing is not recommended for a day to day basis, and it is not good for speaking or singing. But it can be used for activities such as swimming.
  • The chest breathing is a shallow type of breathing and is related to stress. 
  • The abdominal breathing is the correct type of breathing when it comes to the day to day basis. And it will allow you to manage your levels of stress, giving your body more oxygen than it would get from the chest breathing.
  • The abdominal breathing is when your abdominals go out and your shoulders stay steady. 

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Hey! Do you think that you really know how to breathe correctly? My name is Lorna Earnshaw. I am a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, online entrepreneur and author of the number one Amazon bestselller "Speak Out!". And I am here to talk to you about how to breathe correctly.
Let's do a test to see what is the situation here. I want you to breathe in through your nose, put a hand in your chest and a hand in your abdominals. We're gonna breathe in together. Through your nose. So let's do it, ready? Breathe in and breathe out. So let's see. When you were breathing in, did you lift up your chest? Did you lift up your shoulders? Or were you completely relaxed while your abdominals went out?
Well, in case your abdominals went out and your shoulders were steady in the same position without lifting up your chest. In that case, congratulations! You are breathing in correctly, using the abdominal breathing. Now, in case you're lifting up your chest and you're lifting up your shoulders, that means that you are still using the chest breathing. And this is a breathing that is not recommended for you to be using all the time. Unless you're performing a very specific activity that could be for example, swimming or any other type of activities. But not, this is not a type of breathing that you wanna use on a day to day basis. And specifically no, never you want you use this for speaking or singing.
The reason why you don't want to use the chest breathing, it's because the chest breathing you're just inhaling a small amount of air coming into your lungs, you're not filling up your lungs completely. There is a small amount of air that is coming in, and fast enough you are gonna get rid of that air. So it is a very shallow type of breathing.
This type of breathing has to do with stress, has to do for example, when we're in a situation in which we're in like an alarm mode. If you got really scared about something, you will start doing this, because this has to do with a way in which our bodies will act faster. For example, when we're in danger. But this at the same time will keep you very stressed out. Because if you are still doing this during the day, you will not have the time and the relaxation that you would have if you were using the abdominal breathing.
The reason why we're, most of the people are using this chest breathing a lot is because we end up sitting down for too long. And when you're sitting down there is a tendency to using more this chest breathing. And also because of this stress we were talking about. Nowadays, in the moden life, we have all this pressure, all the things that we have to get done. And that is the reason why many times we tend to be in this state of all the time, of all this pressure, of all this tension all the time.
Now, what happens when you have the right breathing, when you use the abdominal breathing? When you use the abdominal breathing, you breathing in and you're filling up your lungs, and your diafragm goes down, and you feel that the air is gonna go to your abdominals. It's not really like going to your abdominals or going to your belly, because the air goes into your lungs. What happens is that because the lungs are getting filled up, they're pushing the organs out, okay? And what happens is that if you do that, you're going to have more air avalaible.
When you are using the chest breathing, you have a very small amount of air available, and then you have to keep on breathing in all the time. And that is the reason why you might not be able to sing long phrases or say long phrases. This might be the reason why you are running out of air while your singing or speaking. And that is why we need to practice so that we breathe in and we have more air available to sing and speak longer phrases. And also to perform the breathing activities that we need.
Now let's do it one more time. You are gonna breathe in and breath out. Try to not lift up your chest. Now, did you feel dizzy? If you did, this is actually a good thing, because we're realizing that you are not providing enough air to your body on a day to day basis. The reason why you're getting dizzy, it's because you are experiencing hyperventilation. And what is this? It is a lot of oxygen suddenly going to your brain and that is the reason why you feel like this dizziness and this high. So please, don't get up too fast after doing this exercise. I don't want you to fall, okay? Or lose your balance.
If you're experiencing this dizziness, it means that you are not giving enough fuel to your body in order to perform its activities. Breathing is one of the most important functions of life. It's extremely important. And what are the benefits of having a good breathing? You're detoxing your body. You're working on your emotions as well. You're creating the optimums situation for you to perform in an optimums state when it comes to the physical part and the cognitive function of your body as well.
So it's extremely important that you use this breathing correctly. And if now, just by doing this exercise, you felt dizzy, this means that we need to work on this, okay? Because it is like when you are eating way too little and your body doesn't have enough fuel to function. That is the reason why it is so important to have the right nutrition. Same thing happens with your breathing.
So in case you're not breathing in correctly, it is extremely important that we start working on this. I have many exercises that are free. You can sign up down here. You might receive some exercises inside my free programs for you to learn how to use this abdominal breathing.
From now on, I want you to start paying attention, being more aware of if you breathing in your chest or breathing in your body. But this is something that you can start doing right away, okay? You can even lay down in bed before you're going to sleep and just pay attention that you are not lifting up your chest. And focus on the movement of your abdominals. If you start practicing this, after a while, when you start practicing this, you will start feeling the difference. This is going to help you, as I said before, managing your levels of stress. This is going to help you with your emotions as well. And of course, this is the first step for you to speak and sing better, so that you can free your voice.
Voice that only functions with the chest voice is a voice that is being constricted. Is a voice in which besides not providing enough air to create the sounds. You are also creating tension in your chest because you are doing this, okay? And then you are constricting your voice box, which is where we are creating the sound. So thank you so much for being here, for watching this video. Let me know your questions, your comments in the comment section below. And I will see you soon.

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