And this amazing place where I'm staying right now and some of you have asked me what's my life about because one day I'm in Arizona, now I'm here in San Diego, this beautiful place. I travel a lot and this is why I decided to do these videos so that I can explain to you how I make a living completely out of my laptop, how I created this new lifestyle. It wasn't like this forever and I want to share with you what I do and what was my journey to get here and how you can do it too if that's what you're looking for. I really think that you need to listen to this. This is even if you have never worked online, if you hadn't had an offline business, even if you want to stay living in that place where we are are right now. You don't need to leave your city to do this, but the thing is that this things that I will be sharing with you, these journey will allow you to get your time back to live your life on your own terms so that you can have your own schedule so that you don't have maybe necessarily have to keep him going to a specific place and you don't like.

So then you have to face traffic and all that stuff. Okay. My name is Lorna Earnshaw . In case you don't know me yet, I'm an online marketing consultant and coach. I'm a singer songwriter. I'm a voice coach and I'm also the Amazon best seller, author of the book. Speak out and today I want to share with you what is my life about today. Okay? Because of all these questions that I've been receiving all like if you have any questions, please let me know here and the comments section below, even if you're watching later on the replay, I will come back and I will be answering those questions from you. Okay? So please let me know. So this is what I'm doing right now. Today. Nowadays I am working as an online marketing consultant and also as an online marketing coach. As a business coach, I am also a singer as a writer.

This is how I started my journey and this is, this is how it works. I have my own business in which I sell online programs online. I sell programs on coaching, singing, coaching on voice coaching, and I also start, I'm also starting a new program on business coaching, which is the result of all this work that I've been doing through all these years. Okay. I started doing this in 2010 it's been 10 years already since I started working with online marketing. Also, you may know me as a singer, as a songwriter, as a musician, that's who I am. I have like these two sides of me. But the thing is that I had to develop all this marketing skills to make it as a musician, to make it as a voice coach. And the thing is that because I started that and I fell in love with that, with all these possibilities that I found when I started really putting time and energy into studying this, I became so good at it that people started coming to me for advice asking me how I was doing it and this started like 10 years ago when I was only a singing teacher and many of me colleagues my colleagues would come to me and ask me, how do you do this?

How come you, your studio is always full. How come you have all these people waiting in line to to learn from you and this is something that I achieved 10 years ago by working on my online marketing skills. By working online, I'm developing the capacity of creating a business from the internet and I consider myself extremely, extremely lucky for being alive at this time and space in history in which we have the internet. We have the capacity to turn on our phones and connect with a huge market with the whole world. Did you know that are there are 1 billion billion with a B as in ball, one, one being the people here on Facebook right now, a date, 1 billion people go into Facebook in the United States every day and we have the capacity of connecting with those people every day and many of those people can be your customers, your clients who are looking for you.

You just have to learn how to communicate with them. You just have to learn how to help them to find you and this is what I learned to do. Okay. Now what days? I work as an online marketing consultant and advisor for six and seven figure businesses. One of my biggest clients is in Japan. It's a company that is American and Japanese and they called me to implement all the marketing techniques for two of their biggest businesses. These are seven figure businesses are businesses that have a hundred to $150,000 in sales every week. And they called me because they wanted me to implement my own American and strategist into their businesses so that they could scale because they didn't have anybody to do that. They didn't have anybody. They called me to do this. So I got a six figure contract to do this for them.

And how do I do this? Actually, I did from my computer, just as you are looking at me right now. I was working over there today at the end of the swimming pool. I'm staying here in this amazing building in San Diego for a couple of weeks. I came here to do some work. I was working on that. I have part of my team, uh, my virtual assistant have virtual assistants and freelancers that help me with some of the tasks that I have to do. And I have part of the team in Japan, which is implementing the things that I'm working on. So, for example, I'm writing email campaigns for them and I have translators who translate the texts that I ride into Japanese and I have my virtual assistant who is working on this text and put it into the software so that we can set it to our clients in Japan.

Isn't that crazy? I've never been to Japan and guys and being honest, I don't even like sushi. Okay? I've never been to Japan. I didn't know anything about Japan, but the way that I've been doing this, I do research on Japan. What is or are the things that they like, what are their, what is their culture? And this is how I am able to implement the online marketing techniques into their business and for you to learn these woman marketing techniques, this is a matter of time and investing because of course I've invested a lot of money, a lot, several, five figures on my education to become a better communicator. I have my first degree in journalism that I got many years ago and after that, even though I have a second degree in some writing here in the United States, I started developing my communication skills, my marketing skills, and this is something that is so valuable.

Everybody wants to learn this. Every company need this because in your business, imagine if you were able to implement all this whole in marketing techniques. You could scale your business. This is why they called me. They're already making six figures. They're already making a hundred to 150,000 but now with the things that we're implementing, we know that we can scale this and we can 10 X what they're making right now. This is why they hired me. So this is a part of what I do. I'm working on all this, all this implementation of techniques, and I have meetings with the team. I had meetings with the owner of the business. I have people helping me to implement. On the other hand, I have my own courses. I have my YouTube channel. I've been talking about my YouTube channel and my YouTube videos. Recently, I've been explaining to you how I've been able to create a YouTube channel that has more than 60,000 people subscribers.

I have videos with more than 1.3 million views. I have a video here on Facebook that has 1.7 million views and all that stuff. All those things started because I was working on promoting my online courses, which is an amazing thing that you can do too. I started with those online courses because I already had a method singing method that I had been implementing one and one in my studio for 10 years. Okay. This is something that happened around 2010 so I will now tell you a little bit about how I came here, how I started working as an online marketing and why I created my programs on how to, how did it work, how I started and how I developed that. Okay. In 2010 actually it was in 2008 when I first started, uh, I have to go back in time. At the time I was only working as a singer.

I was performing a lot. I was working as a singing teacher, as a singing coach, and I had clients. Okay. I moved to a different city because of things that happened at the time. At the time, I was living in Brazil and I wanted to promote my lessons and I didn't know how to do that. I created some pamphlets. I put it in some places. I tried to call people, but then I realized that I could post things on YouTube and I realized that when I posted something on YouTube and I realized that it put the title on it. When I did that research, when I did searches on Google, I realized that those videos that I have posted on YouTube or showing up on Google, and of course this was more than 10 years ago, YouTube was starting out. It wasn't as big. There wasn't so much competition and there was nowhere for me to learn how to work on the SEO or how to improve and optimize the titles.

I just realized this is something that was happening, that when I posted on YouTube something about my lessons and I went on Google and I did a research according to the things that I would be changing on, on YouTube, on the title, this would change what happened on Google. So I spent like two or three afternoons just testing, testing words and realizing that the more places where I put my videos on my stuff, the more times that I would be showing up on Google. This was in 2009 or eight or nine and I realized that the more I started posting videos on YouTube with my lessons, the more people would call me and show up. So I started a blog. I started posting on a blog in around 2009 I started posting more videos on my YouTube channel with my singing lessons. And before I could realize my studio was full, I had a waiting list.

So I was teaching six hours a day every day around five or six times a week, and I would be traveling to a different city where I also had more clients. And I was able to do this because people would see me on YouTube, they would like my style. It was like the way that I was teaching and then they would call me to take lessons because I did a good job doing SEO. And this is how I started in 2011 I had the idea of recording a DVD. A friend of mine say, Hey, you have all these techniques that you teach that are so different from your, from your singing lessons. Have you thought about creating something that you can sell online? And I was like, Whoa, that's a good idea because actually coz I had so many students come into my lessons every week. And I'm talking about, I had around, uh, I dunno, like 40 students every month taking lessons with me.

I had developed my own method. So I had the idea of creating a specific DVD in a system that I would sell online. And at that time I was using a system, um, a DVD because we didn't have the video streaming in 2011 it wasn't so fast. I started selling these DVDs online on this website, which is something similar to eBay and I would just get the DVDs. I would get the DVDs on the, on the with a person that would just create the DVDs for me. I would package them and I would send them at the post office one by one. Okay. This was 2011 2012 2013 I discovered an amazing system that I will be talking to you about, which is called Kajabi, which is a software that allowed me to upload my videos so that people would go and watch them online so I didn't have to send up the DVDs we'd make, which made it so much easier for me.

And this is how in 2013 and 14 I created my systems on Kajabi and my online courses and I started selling them. By 2005 15 and 16 I had already sold almost 900 programs off my sing invest method and I started helping all the people to do the same. And people were looking at my videos that had so many views. 1.3 million views, 1.7 million views and they were asking me, how do you do this? How come are you able to communicate on camera? And for me this was something very natural because I have green journalism and I am a performer. I used to perform a lot seeing it and Desi because I started my career in my early twenties as a dancing instructor. So I had a lot of experience of being talking to people and being, expressing myself. So that was easy for me.

That is a reason why I decided to write a book. Doing research on how to communicate your message in the most effective way study could create a business so that he can speak in public even though if you had like fear of public speaking, if you weren't comfortable camera, this is why I wrote this book, which became a best seller on Amazon on five categories and sales presentations on, yeah, I think in theater as well in five categories. This book became a bestseller and I also started coaching people who are looking to become public speakers who were creating online businesses. And at the same time people came to me to hire me for help and I started helping e-commerce professionals to inc to have more sales. I started helping coaches. I started helping authors to create their online businesses and this is how I became a consultant as well.

Of course, I still have some clients with whom I work one on one on Skype. Okay. I have clients I have sometimes still from what I used to be a senior teacher. I've just won actually that's being taken lessons with me for 15 years and honestly if you're watching here, Mariza, so you know this, I do this because it's so, it's a part of me like being a singing teacher and it's something that connects me with my story and that I enjoy a lot, but I know this is not something that I can scale. This is not something that can take me to this, to the next step, to the next stage on my business. Right? It's hard for me to get a million students one on one and this is why I need my coaching programs. This is why I need my online courses.

And this is why I have this three parts of my business. I have my work as a consultant for businesses in which I can help them grow their businesses and I worked with them, their teams remotely. I have my own courses which are recorded, which people buy for me, and maybe you're one of those students that I've had, like I have students from all over the world and maybe also I have people that work with me one on one. These are few, right? These are a few because of course my time is limited and it requires a bigger investment, financial investment. This is why we create different types of products that have different prices so that everybody can choose whatever fits them best. Some people can go for my book, some people can go and buy my program or maybe someone knows me through my book.

Then they buy my program. They then they end up working for me one on one and maybe why not. They ended up hiring me to do this high level consulting, so this is something that you can do too. When I started 10 12 years ago, I was killing myself working. As I said, six I ended up, I remember one time I was teaching in a city where after I gave a workshop and I taught 11 lessons in a day, 1111 hours in a specific place where I had to be and I couldn't miss one day because if I didn't show up in my studio, I wouldn't make money. So I was always scared off taking time off. I was scared off visiting my family, South America. I was scared of going to vacation or rescheduled in the last one because I was missing out and I might be losing money every time that I did that.

This is why I decided to go online because I know that I will be able to serve more people, but I will be able to have the freedom that I'm looking for to work on my other things that I love, which is for example, my music, and this is also something that allows me to travel to, to find the places where I want to be. It gives me freedom to take care of myself and of course it allows me to scale, which is the biggest thing that the internet gives us. This capacity of connecting and serving a lot more people at the same time. Now I am starting a new program in which I am helping people who have online, who have the business. They have a business already. Maybe you have a business already and you're wondering how to go online to expand your business, to create a new source of income to make more money without having to kill yourself.

Maybe working one on one or maybe you already had a business that is making a big income. Maybe you are doing, you're in six figures, but you're having a hard time scaling because you need to go online, go to do this because we have a limited time of hours a day, right, so this is what I'm doing right now. I'm starting a whole new program on this. This program is going to be launched in around a month or a half. I'm not going to have any right now. What I'm doing is I'm working. This is a special opportunity as I'm looking for 10 new people that I will be helping one on one in one on one sessions and this is a unique opportunity because this has a very reduced price because this is going to be the beginning of my new program. This is going to be a new program that I will be launching, launching it around a month and a half, but it's going to be a group program.

Okay. Right now because I am studying, I want to know how it can serve my audience better. I want to start by doing this one on one calls, so when you're interested on creating your new business, when you're wondering how you can do what I'm doing, having this remote business on your laptop, how to go online for the first time, how to make a business idea that you have that you haven't been able to implement it, how to take it online, maybe how to take your business that is successful already. You have a company on how to make it scale. Please contact me here in the message section below or send me a message and we'll talk. Okay? This is going to be an amazing opportunity and I want to know about you. I want to help you, so let me know if you have any questions.

Okay. I'm going to go inside because it's already dark. It's 6.65 past six here in California. It's getting kind of chilly and I really enjoyed starting doing all these Facebook lives with you. Let me know if I have any questions. If there are any things that you would like me to talk about, about how to create an online business. If there's any specific question to it's going to be applied to your business and of course, as I said before, it contacts me in the messages, in the direct messages or here in the comments so that we can talk about your business and how it can help you to build this business. This is a unique opportunity. Okay? You're going to be blown away on how good it's going to be at this opportunity to do this one on one for this better. Before I launched the official program. So thanks so much for being here and let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions and I'm going to see around bye bye.


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