I started selling this course: "Fundamentals of Voice Technique", in 2012. [By the way, that's a bad name... too wordy and technical lol]. Anyways, it was a set of DVDs containing the method I developed for my singing students.  At the time I had been a full-time voice coach for 8 years. I knew exactly what to teach and what to say. I had been training between 6 and 8 students per day 5 days a week. I thought this could be a good way to get some extra cash when selling it on a platform like eBay and through my blog. I'd also sell it to my students as a study guide to practice at home. When I decided to do it, I didn't have a camera, a mic or any money to invest in hiring a video team. Actually, I didn't have any money to invest at all... And I didn't have any training on how to do it. In 2011, there were no online marketing lessons Youtube as you can find them now...

I called my friends. I knew a guy who owns a recording studio and I offered him to promote his studio and list him as a sponsor of my YouTube channel that had just a few thousand followers at the time. I made a trade with one of my students who accepted to edit the DVD in exchange for singing lessons. Another friend did the cover of the DVD at a discounted rate and opened a line of credit for me. My first attempt at doing the video didn't work because of the way I looked. After all that work, I watched the recordings and I realized that I needed someone to make sure that my hair and makeup were on point.


I called a friend who's totally into fashion to put together my looks, do my hair, and makeup. I just gave her some money for her time. Once I got the new complete support team, I recorded EVERYTHING again. After a couple of months, it was ready. I started selling it. Orders started coming in. I wrapped up the packages myself and take them to the post office. Soon I was paying my mortgage with the profit I got from these sales.

In 2014, I started using a platform to host the videos of my lessons and I started selling an online course, instead of selling DVDs... I was finally SCALING. I learned about social media strategy and Facebook ads...Then the rest is history. Since then, I sold almost 1000 singing programs and I built an audience on Facebook and YouTube. I fell in love with online marketing. Since 2014 I'VE ONLY WORKED REMOTELY.

Nowadays, I don't teach singing anymore. Instead, I decided to scale my business and other people's businesses using my online marketing and "street smart" strategy skills as an online business coach and consultant. Looking back, it was a CRAZY journey. In the beginning, I didn't know what I was doing. I wasn't comparing myself to anybody else. I didn't know it would be hard. I was just excited to make a couple of extra bucks. I didn't know how long it would take. I didn't have any clear goals. I just did it.

In hindsight, these were reasons why I succeeded:
  • I really knew what I was doing when teaching my topic. I knew my customers and their needs. I had a system that worked and I was confident teaching it on camera.
  • I had testimonials of my in-person students to help me sell the product to new people.
  • I was detached from the outcome. Since I had an income from my in-person lessons, I wasn't in a hurry to make money. I was able to restart from scratch and make the necessary adjustments.
  • I was enjoying the process! I was soo excited to get people from all over the country buying my lessons and talking about me on the internet!

And the most important:
  • I was resourceful. I didn't stop because I didn't have the money to pay for a team. I created my own system because I didn't have access to anything around me that I could model (at the time they didn't have courses teaching you how to create your online course). I wasn't scared. I was CONFIDENT.

    Today I kind of miss those old days of "HAPPY IGNORANCE"...

    Just like they say: "SHE DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE, SO SHE DID IT". 

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