Online Video Is The New Normal

I remember back in 2013 when I started transferring my 1-on-1 coaching clients from my studio into a Skype sessions format...people called me crazy. Many students stopped working with me because they thought “online calls don’t work”. Some people said I should give discounts for teaching on Skype instead of in-person... ( Of course I didn’t, I haven’t decreased the value I provide to my clients just because it’s a video call). Forward to 2020, for most of the working people in the world, video calls have been the only life saving chance to stay in business. Those who were reluctant to using live video calls for work are now rushing into putting systems in place and wondering where to start...

No matters what happens next when it comes to reopening the economy, live video calls will become widely accepted and valued as a main way of delivering services. Even if you’d rather work in person, use this time to grow your brand and your company through video calls... Include this FOR GOOD in your business as a way to serve your clients.

WHY? You can work remotely, having the freedom to travel and continue working as long as you have a WiFi connection. Work with clients all over the world. Expand your brand! Save time and money! Stop renting and office and commuting to work. Get your clients to save time and money! They won’t have to commute anymore And of course...mostly worry only about your tops and hair (and make up if applies)... you can show up to work in your pajama bottoms and slippers! 

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