Overwhelmed? Are you willing to create something new and the only thought of it makes you feel as if you’re at the bottom of Mount Everest?

I get that. Right now I’m making a complete makeover of my businesses. This means building from the ground up. This means being patient. Rome wasn’t built in one day. This means being humble. Starting over might involve small tiny victories and a few setbacks. This means having faith in the unseen. Believing that success it’s inevitable even if there are no guarantees.

Right now I’m rebuilding my marketing agency in a completely new format (which also involves new online coaching programs)and I’m starting a new online business around my music. There’s so much to do... sometimes if I fall in the trap of worry and rumination, I can easily feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But then I chose to think better. I ask myself: “What is the next step?” I just write it down in my journal, and I give my full attention to the completion of the most important fundamental action that is essential so that I progress.

I block everything else but that one thing. I feed my positive thoughts. I go and F** do it! One more day, one more step is done. What’s the next step? And the next? And the next?


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