What type of ENTREPRENEUR are you?


 #1: PASSIVE watching your business go down or #2 WARRIOR taking action and TRANSFORMING to take the opportunities beyond the crises?







Hello guys. How are you doing? I hope you're doing great today even though it seems like everything is collapsing around us. I know it can be scary. I know that there is a lot going on in the world. Maybe you're worried right now. I understand it. We are all concerned However, However, this is something that I wanted to show with you because I've been an entrepreneur my whole life. I've been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and this is not the first time that seeing things collapsing. It's not the first time that I, I've been witnessing in front of my eyes that I love hard work that I've been putting into creating things suddenly seems to be, seems to be threatened by external situations. Things that are completely out of my control and this is not something new for me. This is something that I have experienced before and what I've learned over all these years is that actually even there things happening, things to happened around us, things that might be threatening our situation to our business.

There is always a solution and there is always a way that we can look at things and that gives a a door on opportunity, a window to create something different. So this is why today I've been posting about the two different types of entrepreneurs that you can be today when it comes to facing all these changes with a Corona virus, with a crash of the economy. Maybe you're an entrepreneur right now, you're a professional, maybe you are in a job and you see changes happening. And this is happening to me as well because as many of you know already, I have different, different parts in my business. I work as an online marketing consultant for seven figure company in Japan right now. One of my biggest clients right now has his main business, which is a business that was making $150,000 in sales a month in Japan is shutting down their doors and they don't even know what's going to happen.

So all the campaigns that I've been putting together, there've been paused. We don't know what's gonna happen. There is a lot of uncertainty going on. So I feel you, I know how you're feeling. Maybe you're looking at yours, your agenda, your calendar and you're seeing, Oh this appointments that may be are being rescheduled, maybe are being canceled. And I got it because I've been there before. And what I wanted to share with you is you can be two different types of entrepreneurs today. You can be a PASSIVE entrepreneur and who is the passive entrepreneur? The passive entrepreneur is the one that is looking at their calendar warring, "Oh my God, things are getting worse and worse and worse". And you are checking the news to see how bad it is, how many more deaths are because of the current virus, how many people are giving up and you're worried worried and worried and you're stucking toilet paper in your house.

And this is the type of entrepreneur that is the passive entrepreneur and it's the type of entrepreneur that is most likely to fail. This is an entrepreneur that's going to witness everything that's happening and is going to resist it, and it's going to be thinking about how bad it is. I'm just going to be scared and it's not going to take action. This is the passive entrepreneur. However, there is a second type of entrepreneur, which is an entrepreneur that I call the WARRIOR and who"s the warrior? That warrior is an entrepreneur that is looking at the situation and saying, okay, let's go to work and it's gonna make the changes. Its going to face this situation. And it's going to show up and do whatever is necessary to adapt and to transform our businesses so that we can not only survive and protect our businesses so that we can build for the future after this is pass.

And even though maybe right now you are concerned, maybe you have bills to pay, maybe you're seeing your calendar, less appointments, less clients coming in. I get it. But however, however, realize that there are a lot of people that are making a lot of money right now. Amazon. Amazon is making so much money. Everybody's buying online. Everybody is buying online I've been buying my groceries on whole foods every day. The toilet paper companies, they're making a lot of money so it is not the the money disappeared. Money didn't disappear. We're just holding onto the money because we can go to the streets and we're going to be spending on money in different ways and because there are all this transformations and all these changes happening, they're going to be people that are gonna be making a lot of money right now. So now when you are a warrior you are going to open your eyes and you're going to look around and see, okay, where is the opportunity, where is the change that I need to make?

And this is why I wanted to talk to you in my work as an online marketing consultant, my expertise is looking at what the company has and giving advise on what are the things that are on the table and that we can use to propel the growth off the company online. How can we scale the company? What are the things that we can use online to make this company grow? And this is what we're doing on online marketing. This is what I've been doing with, with this company in Japan, this is what I've been doing for myself. So when I started out, I used to be a teacher, right? I was a coach. I've always been a coach since I was 19 years old when I started teaching dance and I said, yeah, Belly dancer, like me. Yes, I did all the movements. Not today, today I'm not going to dance.

But I started doing that and I did my marketing as a belly dancer, her and I attracted people through speaking, getting students. Then I did the same thing on my singing lessons. And then what happened is that when I moved to the United States and I stayed and I first came here in 2013 and I was offered a full scholarship to study and to teach at a school. I needed a way to make money in a country where nobody knew me. So what I did is I built a whole business online, selling my video lessons online and I created an audience online and actually I had one video on YouTube that you can check it out. It's on my channel, on Lorna channel. It has 1.3 million views, organic reach. And out of that one video I was able to pay all of my limit expenses living in Hollywood for four years.

Out of one video, one video pay for my expenses. And how is that possible? That is possible because that video went viral. It was something that I crafted with so much attention to the detail and I put it together in a way that it captured a lot of attention and people really liked it. And after watching that video, people wanted to study with me and that was the start of a whole business. I had a lot of videos. You can go to my pages and you can see them. I used to go live and have a thousand people on on my live sessions with me. And those were the things that completely saved me, in the moment in which I actually didn't have anything else. And this was something that I was able to create through the internet. That was something that I realized that was a possibility for me when I transferred what I used to do, live one-on-one in my live sessions into a online scaled format.

So I was able to sell almost a thousand programs, I thousand coaching programs to people from all around the world, and I had more than 60,000 people that benefited from my lessons. And of course, without even probably know the people that watch my, my free content, what I'm trying to tell you is that maybe it's the time for you to actually take action and go online. Why? Because people are on their phones. People are bored, they're at home, they, uh, they cannot go to the streets. They're ordering stuff online. They're consuming a lot of content. A lot of content is consumed right now online. So it's time for you to take advantage of this. It's time for you to instead of like sitting and worrying. Maybe since you're home and you have more time, maybe because you have canceled appointments, you're going to have the time into creating something that can really transform your business and propel it into a different level so that when things go back to normal, because they will, they will, you are going to have an extra income coming in.

You're going to have maybe, uh, people that are going to find you online. You put the time into building this thing while you were in, in this specific time. Okay, so this is what I wanted to share with you. The warrior is the one that looks at the situation, understands the seriousness opposite tuition, but instead of acting and reactive in a, in a, in an emotional way, being scared or paralyzed is looking at the opportunity and understanding what are the actions that they need to take in order to take advantage of that opportunity in order to grow and not only survive and protect their business, but also to thrive. Because there are going to be a lot of new millionaires after this collapse. And you know this is a fact because this is a fact in history, in every time that there are these kinds of problems around the world, there are people that look up the opportunities and they grow and I want you to be that person.

Doesn't matter how scary it can be today. Tomorrow you can wake up with a different attitude. Whatever this thoughts of scarcity come into your mind. Understand that this is not for you. What is for you is the opportunity is the growth and you can join the "warrior". You don't have to be the passive entrepreneur that is going to just surrender in front of these challenges. So because of this, I am working on putting together a new program. This is something that I decided that I would do suddenly the last few days. I said, yeah, I think this is something that I have to do right now, which is going to be a program to help you at all the entrepreneurs out there. If you have a coaching practice, if you have a psychotherapy practice, there are going to be a lot of people that are going to need therapy and they cannot go to a, to an office.

So we need to create all the systems to find new clients for you to transfer the clients that you already have that you had into a new model for you to create new types of programs and products that you can offer online for you to create a branding that's going to be stronger online now that people are in their homes because we don't know how long is this going to take. So this is a reason why I put it to go to this new program and I wanted to invite you. This is going to be something that I will be releasing in the next. I agree. I think in a around 10 days, I still don't have the day because this is something very new. I'm working really hard into finding exactly what has to be in the program. So when this is something that interests to when you want to be the warrior, please send me a message comment here in the comment section below.

I want to talk to you. I want to listen to what you need and why you want to do, because I will be putting together this pro, which is going to be live coaching. I will be working in a group call every day so that we guys put this together and not more than two weeks. And we can do this. And I've done it several times before for myself and for all the clients. So I totally believe that this is something that you can do as well. So if you have any questions, just let me know here in the comment section below, I really want to help. I really want to serve you right now. As I said, I've changing everything because of these changes that are happening right now. And I believe this is an awesome opportunity for all the entrepreneurs workers out there. So let me know if have any questions and I'm gonna see you around. Bye bye.


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