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Hello, hello. My friends. How are you doing? I was working here in my kitchen, in my computer and I was thinking about something while I'm working on my business here and I thought I'll just explain it to you, something that makes a lot of sense for me right now, but it was something that I had a real hard time to understanding and seeing is, which is why working hard will kill you, your business and your career. My name is Lorna Earnshaw. I am a singer songwriter. I'm an online business coach, a winning presence, voice coach, author of the Amazon best seller book, "Speak Out" on sales presentations among other things and today I was working here on my computer and I'm making all this changes in my work in my business and I was thinking about something that, as I said before, it didn't make sense to me because I came from a place in which I was always thinking I have to work hard, I have to work harder, I have to try harder.

When I work harder, things are gonna happen and it's going to show up. Their results are going to show up. And I had this mindset and what happened with this, the thing that happened the most is that most of the times I was stressed out. I was burned out, I got burned out. I didn't have enough money. I didn't have enough time because, was trying to make more money. And it was a circle in which I was always losing. There was no way for me to win while I was thinking about working hard and working hard and working hard at, since many of you know me and you guys know that I speak three languages and uh, I have started my business in South America. And this word of hard work and hard is a word that we don't use much in other languages as in Portuguese and Spanish, which are the other languages that I speak.

But here in the United States, I heard so much work hard, work hard, work hard. And the thing is that it's used as a badge of honor. You have to work hard and then you'll hear people saying, Oh, I was so busy. Yeah, busy am so tired as if it was a good thing. Honestly, I don't think that's a good thing. I don't think that that's a thing that you should be proud of. Many times I talked to my friends and they're on the phone. Oh yeah, I'm tired, I'm busy. That's not a good thing, you know? But people say that cause it seems like when they say that they feel good or the thing that people are gonna look at them thinking that, Oh they're okay, they're doing the right thing. They're working hard. Actually, you know what? I noticed that in my life.

It's not about working hard. It's about working smart. And maybe you've heard that before. This is not an idea I came up with. Right. You need to work smart, not to hard. And the other day I was out at a restaurant and I was looking at people, it was a very, very nice restaurant, extremely expensive, those really, really expensive restaurants. And I was noticing this speed of people moving around in that restaurant. They were moving very slowly. They were taking their time, they were looking at the wine there. We're looking at the list of their very expensive lines they were talking to the, to, to the servers. There weren't in a rush. They weren't stressed out and they had a lot of money. So when I think about being stressed out, working harder so that I could make money, this, that scenario didn't make any sense.

There wasn't proof of my idea or, or it can harder to make money. So what happens is that these people were able to build fortunes. They understood that it's not a matter of putting a lot of hard work. It's a matter of being smart on what are we going to be doing or not. And this is something that sometimes it takes a while for us to understand. Many times we are in just this system. We have the system in which we're in a mindset in which we're trying and working hard and working harder and we're taking in a lot of things that we shouldn't even be doing right. Many times there are people that spend hours commuting and they just take it and they accept it and they don't understand that it's taking time from their lives times the time that they would be productive doing other things.

They would produce more, that would make more money if they would use that time or maybe they're not able to delegate some of the things that they're doing. Some of some people just clean their houses and spend a lot of time cleaning their houses and they are not aware of the fact that they could get somebody else to clean their house so that it would free time to do all the things. So that is what you come to the phase of saying, okay, let me look at the things that I'm doing. It takes some stuff off my plate and let's be smarter on where I want to be putting my energy. Okay. When I was a singing teacher and I started my career as a teacher, as a desk teacher, and then a singing teacher. Especially when I was at singing teacher in a singing producer.

I was working most of the time, one on one. So what happens when you have a business that is basically one on one and you have people coming in and out of your studio the whole day, you get exhausted and you always have a cap. You are not able to move forward in your life, in your businesses and in your income because you will not be able to serve and to have 40 students in a day unless you work 10 hour, 10 minutes with each one, right? So in my lessons I would be working for, Hey, bla bla, that's, how are you doing? Hey guys. So in my business I would be working with people for like 15 minutes or an hour. Every time it would have happened is that I had a cat and I had a cap of energy. I wouldn't, I wasn't able to work more than six hours and I wasn't able to charge $5,000 an hour from every client.

So what happened is that I was very restricted in my business, in my life, and I was exhausted. And the thing is that I was always trying to make more money, but because I didn't understand this concept of working smarter, I thought that in order for me to make more money, I needed to get more clients. So what happened is that in every class that I was teaching, I was repeating myself because there were the same concepts, the same concepts, but I was just telling this to one person instead of teaching it to many people. Right? What happened is that over time I wasn't able to sustain that for too long. I got very tired after years, 12 years or something. But I had an idea of creating a DVD because in my DVD I would be able to record myself. I record those explanations, those technique explanations that I was repeating over and over and over again to the people who are come to my studio.

So I understood that by using the power of video, I would be able to scale my business. I would be able to serve more people, to have more students and to make more money because I would be able to sell that video to a lot more people. Right? So if you think right now about all the people that are very successful, people that are internationally successful, you will understand that every time, every single time these people have scaled what they did in order to serve more people at the same time. Right? So if you're thinking about any coach, if you're a coach, you're going to understand that you are going to need materials and then you cannot rely exclusively on your one to one coaching programs. Okay? So this is a reason why it is extremely important for you to create a program for you to use the power of video and for you to always having some part in, in your work in which your one to many.

Okay? So I am one person and I'm here on Facebook live talking to guys on YouTube. Wherever you're watching this. I am talking to a lot of people, but I'm talking just once and I'm having the opportunity to connect with a lot of people. I realized after awhile that that was the huge, huge, huge thing that would open the doors for me and for my prosperity. And that's the reason why I created my program, my singing program years ago. And through that program I was able to serve almost a thousand people who my program. And that's how I got almost 60,000 people who are subscribers to my YouTube channel. And I have one YouTube channel on YouTube, be on YouTube that has 1.3 million views. So I was able to touch 1.3 million lives. I would have never been able to do that when I was a one on one coach.

So the reason why I'm telling you this is because I was able to produce, to grow, to generate more income, to generate a bigger career for me when I was able to develop this skills of being, creating all this videos. And that is a reason why I'm launching a new program. But it's going to be released in a couple of months and which I will be helping you, entrepreneurs and businesses to grow, to sell more through video and on stage as well. My books in my book speak out. I created a system in which you're going to be working on different things. I'm going to be making you stronger so that you can deliver your message on stage, on camera and so that you can attract more businesses for you. And this is always coming from a place off, not effort. We don't want to have that effort and now we're now I'm going to go a little bit about something kind of woo, woo, spiritual because I'm kind of like, I love that stuff and I believe that there is a stronger force that is happening while we are trying to Perforce into things.

The universe is way stronger than us and there are things that we just can't control. And when I think about my life, I'm the things that happened to me. I realized that the best things are the biggest opportunities that appeared in my life. The biggest connections that I've made. They happen by chance. They happened when I wasn't even forcing it. I just had to be showing up. I had to do things, I had to be smart, but the biggest opportunities for me in my life, again, changes didn't happen when I was working and trying really hard. Okay. When I was trying really hard and I was trying to force it, nothing happened when I was relaxing and I was just in the moment. It's like there was something magical happening and maybe you don't agree with me in this sense. I know that there is like this tendency nowadays already working hard and trying everything.

Honestly, I've been in both situations, I've been in a situation in which I was like killing myself, working so, so, so, so hard and I went broke so well. Working hard didn't mean that I would make more money because I wasn't being smart about things and I was putting so much effort and so much pressure onto things that things didn't happen. Also because people will not come to you when you are forcing them. What happens when you're trying to force a person to be with you? If you like someone and you just want this person to be with you, this person will not want to be with you. You need to relax with you to let go. Okay? So this comes from that point of view. It's important for us to work smart. It's important for us to show up. It's important for us to do things, but I don't believe, and I don't agree in this idea of this effort, this work hard resistance for me it sounds like weight.

And this is a reason why most of us are burnout. Okay? So when you want to know more about this, please, please shoot me a message, a comment. I right now I want to know how it can help you. I'm just uh, asking people about what would they like to learn in a program like this. They, this program that I'm putting together, this is a whole new program. I already had some other programs in the past and this is a really new program that I'm launching right now and I want to know what is it that you would like to learn in this program. And I'm looking for people who are going to work with me on this things. It's going to be an awesome opportunity. So let me know if you have any questions about this. Uh, if there's something that you would like to learn when it comes to this that I've just mentioned, which is how to sell more on stage and on camera to grow your business.

And it's not only the part that is the technique, the marketing technique, I will be working with you on how to express yourself in the best ways that people understand your values, that you show up and you feel confident. Because I don't believe that this should be something that we need to fake confidence. It shouldn't be faked. This has to do with a connection from inside yourself. And this is something that I want to share with you because this is something that I've learned as a performer, as a singer, as a dancer for years. And this is something that I want to share with you so that you can express yourself and so that that can become your brand, so that that is going to be the most authentic thing that is going to be attracted people. Okay. So thank you so much for being here, guys. Thanks for, Oh Hey, all the best. Thanks so much, Alma. So let me know if you have any questions guys, and I will talk to you soon. bye bye.


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