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Hello guys, how are you doing? This is Lorna. Today I wanted to share with you something that it made a huge difference in my life and my career and this is something that I talk a lot with the people around me in the area of online marketing at count about with coaches, with consultants, and I want to tell you that maybe you don't need to be spending money on ads right now, may be what you should do. What would move you forward is just close a deal. Just close a deal, and I'm talking about this because of my own experience. My name is Lorna Earnshaw. I am an online marketing consultant. I'm a voice coach, author of the Amazon bestseller book "Speak out". I'm a voice coach. I've been teaching vocals for more than 16 years until today and what I wanted to share with you is that what I learned is that sometimes you just don't have to be worry so much on running traffic because that's great.

Running traffic, building a funnel, Facebook ADs, and we run all these tests and you put the numbers together and you get a lot of conversions and then you keep on testing it. But the thing is that when you do that, you're actually testing a lot. It takes a lot of investment for you to figure out what really works on Facebook ads and now a days it's kind of pricey compared with 10 years ago, maybe what, what it would be for you to realize what is the messaging that works where the things that are really going to convert and move your business forward. And many times for us consultants, coaches, what we just need is we just need to close a deal. And in my experience, the moment in which my business and my, my finances were in the best position ever. It was always by speaking on stage.

And this is the thing, for example, one of the last deals that I've closed, it was a deal of $100,000 that I closed after speaking on stage for 40 minutes. And that same day I closed another deal for $3,000 after speaking on stage for 40 minutes. Before that, when I was starting out my career as a voice coach, I was only teaching singing. This was more than 14 years ago. I built my business on speaking of around speaking on stage, this is how I build, this is how I got my students and this is what I wanted to share with you and this is why I wanted to share with you my experience and how that really can change your life when you disclose a deal. If you're going through a hard time or you're just building your business, the best thing you can do is close the deal in person.

You can close a deal on stage, you can close a deal on the phone and I will share with you how I started doing this. This was the first time that I did this actually was more than, well, it's kinda hard to say this, but it was more than 20 years ago when I first started out. I started out as an Instructor. I used to be a dance instructor and I just put an ad on my mom actually put an ad on a journal for me saying that there would be a live, a free lesson. A free dance lesson. Okay. So people would come to the feel free dance lesson and after that they, they would just start taking lessons with me. Okay. That is speaking to close. That is speaking to close because I was able to invite them. I was putting myself in a position of authority.

I was showing them what I had to offer and after that they wanted to become my clients. After that I changed and I started teaching, singing, singing lessons and Oh my God, I didn't know how many clients. I decided one or two referrals here or there, but then I had an idea in the city where I used to live, there was this music store. Okay. This was in Brazil when I was still living in Brazil many years ago and I had the idea of reaching out to them because I knew that they had a, they had a stage, they had like a small auditorium in the store and I have the ideal offering them to do a workshop, a workshop teaching vocals, teaching singing lessons and I thought that they would be interested because they could invite people on their list and I could promote their store and I could also promote some of the products, microphones and there would be a good idea, a good win win situation so that I could get more clients.

That was my idea. Well they accepted. They liked the idea because it was free for them. I just went there on my own. They just send an email to their contact list and the thing is that I went there, I prepare my presentation, which is nothing more than mostly the first class that I would teach you a student that would come to my studio. It was the same concepts of a, of a class that I would teach and I shared that on stage with the people who came to this class in the room. I had around 60 or 70 people. It was really, really good. What happened is that you can imagine what happened right after that presentation. I didn't pitch anything. I didn't have a product, I didn't have a product to sell other point. I just finished my presentation and by the end of the presentation I had a line of people who wanted to talk to me, who wanted to take lessons with me.

After that, my schedule was full. After that it went down and one of the people who started that lesson that day is one of my friends sit down. Facebook is a, is a person that I like a lot. Um, and he's been taking lessons with me for 14 years, 14 not all the time. He might've stopped like two years, like total. But I put together the numbers and let's say that he spent some money with me on coaching one on one and this was after just one presentation on stage and also I had all the referrals that came from him because he recommended me to other people and that really saved me at the time. That was exactly what I needed and I didn't spend any money on, on add some pamphlets and it was the best thing that I could do because I was speaking from a place of authority, speaking from stage and show in and sharing what I did best, which was teaching.

Okay. First forward, I've done this like several times. Every time that I went to a different place, I would just go and start and give a workshop for free so that I could get students to come to my lessons. That's the best thing you can do. And fast forward the story. Two years ago I was changing. I was starting a new business. I was, I had run, my book speak out. It became a best seller on Amazon because of my followers in my previous business. And after that I was, I started trying to promote that. And what I did is I started putting money on ads and testing and testing and testing and doesn't, and nothing happened. Nothing happened, I was just putting money down the drain and it was a moment in which I didn't have a cushion. So a sweetie counting them that I was like, I was, had a tight, uh, cash available in order to do that and it was still trying to make it work.

So imagine how much stress that created because I didn't have any room for testing. I didn't have any room for making mistakes, which is what do you need when you're trying campaigns on Facebook, which are great. I'm not saying that they're not great, they are awesome, but I don't think running a cold traffic campaign should be their first step. Okay. I was in a very bad place financially in that moment two years ago. So I didn't have that cushion to put into that. But then I had the opportunity to speak on stage and when I went to speak on stage, the good thing is that I was in front of an audience who was interested in what I had to offer and it was an audience that had the capacity to pay for these types of services. And I had this great opportunity to go on stage and to teach.

And actually when I did this, I wasn't expecting that it that it would go so well, but I just did it because I knew that it was an opportunity for me to share what I did. And I know that every time that I share what I do and how can I help all the people, I know that every time that I do that something good happens and there was movement. So I went there, I spoke for free and after I finished my presentation of more like it was not even 40 minutes, and actually I was invited into another person's time slot and I was just having a conversation, normal conversation with people. I didn't have a PowerPoint presentation. I didn't have slides, I didn't have a sales pitch, I didn't have anything. Mostly I was just answering questions about marketing from people on the audience.

And what I was doing is I was just sharing my experience, sharing how I had helped all their businesses to run traffic and how it had worked and given examples of campaigns on an explaining how to close those deals. So there was a person in the audience, they got really impressed with my, my presentation with me speaking with my knowledge. And this is a person that after these event, uh, said that wanted to work with me and I actually closed a deal with this person for $100,000 at the beginning was 30,000 and then it was renewed for 70,000 more. And actually this person still wants to renew it again. So there is a possibility that it's gonna grow even more and be besides this person. There was another person in the audience who wanted to do one on one coaching when he came to the presentation sales presentations.

After watching my my speech. So I had two clients that came to me after that presentation. So you can imagine that that can really change your finances and when you have that cushion, you're in a very different place for you to run traffic for you to create a funnel for you to test, for you, to hire people to help you doing the things that maybe you're not that good at. Because sometimes that's really hard. And this is what I wanted to share with you, that it is extremely important to develop that habit. Now that we have social media, we're kind of used to, okay, we have ads, we're going to be just running ads. I'm going to be running on Facebook, where good, we'd just to look at the numbers and somehow many times we haven't found the opportunity that it would be for us to be out there in the world and closing deals in person.

Okay. And there are a lot of places. I can assure you there are a lot of places where they would love to have you speaking because in those places they are the people in the same room, the people that you are looking for and people are looking for people like you and many of those people in these rooms, they have never heard of people that offer the kind of services that you offer and when you walk into a room and you speak on stage and you're in a position of authority, they trust you more, they get engaged and that it's way closer. It's way easier for you to close a deal, especially a high-ticket deal. So this is what I wanted to share with you today. I am working on a new program in which I will be sharing with the students how to create this presentation's that close deals, how to find the opportunities to speak and how to close these deals and how to follow up.

Because in my experiences, the best thing that you can do, especially when you're starting your online business. Of course I love ads. I think it's an awesome piece for you to put in, but you need to have some cushion first. And the best thing that you can do in order to get there is to go out there and speak on stage. The other reason why I think speaking on stage is awesome is because when you go out there and you speak in front of an audience, you have a feedback and you are going to be able to refine your message. You're going to be able to see how people react to the things that you are saying. You're going to be able to get their questions afterwards, and this is going to be so valuable, so valuable for you to build your funnels, for you to build your offers. So I will be sharing with you guys more about these things. Let me know if you have any questions here in the comment section below and I'll check out your questions really soon and I will be sharing more about my new program. So thanks so much for hanging out and I'll see you around. Bye. Bye.


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