"Lose you to love me" (by Selena Gomez) Cover

cover singing Nov 13, 2019

I'm back to back YouTube channel! After a hiatus, I'll be posting every week new music and other videos for you. Make sure to check it out and subscribe. The name of the channel is "Lorna" and the link is in the comments.
Estou de volta no meu canal de YouTube! Após uma longa pausa, a partir de agora vou postar novos videos de música, aulas e outros assuntos importantes que quero compartilhar com você com legendas em português. Confira e inscreva-se! O nome do canal é "Lorna" e o link está nos comentários desse post.
Estoy de vuelta en mi canal de YouTube! Después de una pausa, estoy volviendo a postear todas las semanas nuevos videos de música, clases y otros asuntos interesantes que quiero compartir con ustedes, con subtítulos en español. Mirálo e inscribite. El nombre del canal es...

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New song Aladdin movie - Speechless- cover (spoiler)

This is my cover of "Speechless", new Jasmine's song in the newest Disney movie "Aladdin". This makes a lot of sense for a vocal coach right? Of course, I will never go "Speechless" and don't ever want YOU to stay silent or repress what's in your heart!
Soon, a tutorial for this song... Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below

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