CONFESSION TIME: What I hate about my voice

Is there anything about yourself that makes you feel insecure and which ends up preventing you from doing things that you want to do or that you have to do? Many times, by focusing on what we consider a flaw about our appearance or a certain aspect of our personality we end up losing personal power and self confidence. In my case, what bothers me is my accent.
I was raised bilingual. My family is British and I was born in Argentina, where I spent my childhood and teenage years speaking Spanish. Later on, I moved to Brasil where I spent many years speaking Portuguese before moving to the United States. When I talk, I end up messing up words and, no matter what language I’m speaking in, it seems like I can’t get it perfectly, without an accent. While doing videos, this is my number one worry. It really bothers me and stresses me out. This is the reason why many times I don’t post or shoot content and this is the number one thing I usually criticize about myself.
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How to deal with Self Criticism


In this video, I will share with you some of my insights and strategies on how to evaluate your performance in a more productive way that is healthier and self-loving than self-criticism. I'm not saying that you should live in a state of denial of the challenges you still need to overcome in your voice. Identifying areas that still have room for improvement is not the same as self-criticism. 

I'm not going to say that I've overcome self-criticism 100% ... I'm still working on it lol.

However, nowadays, I became way happier and more free, just like the students that have worked with my in my online courses and live sessions for the past 15 years.



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