How to sound more confident even if you HATE your voice


Do you hate listening to your recorded voice but you don’t even know what is the thing you don’t like about the way you sound? Did you know that 38% of the outcome of your presentations depends on the sound of your voice and the message it delivers when it comes to your confidence?
If you’re like most people, until today you’ve believed that there’s nothing you can do about your voice in order to improve it. So you’ve settled for a voice that you don’t like. However, there is a way for you to transform and improve your voice in order to be a more influential and persuasive speaker, and that’s what voice technique and voice coaching is about.
In this episode you’ll discover how you can become a more powerful and influential speaker by improving the sound of your voice.
I’ll share with you:
How your non-confident voice is making you sound and look as a non-confident speaker and how this is hurting your image and your business....

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Do you know how to breathe?


I know: you breathe. All the time. But in this in video you'll be surprised to realize that the one thing you've been constantly doing your whole life might not be performed in the right way to support you with the oxygen you need... Actually, most of the people breath in an ineffective way without even knowing! This might even be contributing to keep your stress levels high. In this video, you'll check if you are taking full advantage of the benefits of breathing and I'll show you how to breathe in a more productive way that will support your voice. Try out the test I show you here and let me know what was the result in the comments section below! 

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Why your voice is weak


Do you feel your voice is weak or too low? If so, most definitely, the main reason why you experience this has to do with the way you’re using it. This is probably not the way your voice is, as a genetic factor. In reality, it’s the result of the way you are utilizing the different parts of your body involved in the phonation process. Therefore, when you learn vocal technique, you will be able to have a more powerful voice with dynamics from low to high that you will control. By applying the correct breathing support, working on your resonance, articulators and pitch, you will be able to solve this problem.
Do you feel your voice is too weak? Do you feel that your voice loses its power when you have to speak for a while? Let me know in the comments!

As promised, here are some gifts for you:

The 8 Mistakes Why You Can't Sing High Notes and How to Fix them: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

"10 Speaking Mistakes that Are Holding You Back" (and How to Fix Them): CLICK...

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Would you like to have a powerful voice without having to scream or make any effort? Do you feel like your voice lacks projection? Do you experience vocal fatigue after talking in a large room? 

If so, watch this week's video on "HOW TO HAVE A POWERFUL VOICE". This is the first episode of a video series on this topic.

In this first episode, I will explain to you what are your resonators, about: your own natural SPEAKERS!

Check it out and let me know what you think by leaving your comments and questions in the comment section below! Thanks for helping me spread the word by sharing it!

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Why does your Recorded Voice Sound So Different?

singing speaking Feb 15, 2018

 Have you ever got surprised after listening to your recorded voice? If so, don't worry! This is very common!

In this week's video, you'll understand why this is happening and I'll share with my secrets on how to overcome this challenge that might be holding you back!

Please let me know what you think about this subject. Has this ever happened to you?

Leave your questions below and I'll come back later to answer!

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Why do you Lose your Voice after Speaking or Singing?

singing speaking vocal tips Jan 29, 2018

Download the FREE PDF with the "10 speaking mistakes that are holding you back" here:

Hey guys!

In this video, I explain why you are losing your voice after speaking or singing as the result of vocal abuse.
Let me know what you think in the comments, ask your questions,

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