Here are some of our Success Stories.

This is how Guru Marketing Agency helped businesses grow by providing "DONE-FOR-YOU" high-performance services.


This is Brad, he owns a brand new pressure washing company.

He landed 2 jobs within the first day we started his campaign, just a week after he started working with us!





Get Air is a trampoline park corporation with more than 67 locations around the world. Our agency was hired by Get Air Japan to implement a full audit and optimize their online systems.

When we started working with Get Air Japan, their two stores (Tokyo and Hiroshima combined) had a monthly revenue of approximately $150,000 per month. The CEO wanted to create more engagement with their existing and past clients through new online systems to ensure a consistent flow of customers and to prepare the opening of two new stores by the end of 2021.

After a deep audit of the business' performance, we decided to start working on the most urgent aspects:

- a new website with an online system to sell tickets.

- the creation of a unified email list with past and current customers.

- the creation of consistent email marketing campaigns to keep customers coming back to the stores each month for special events and offers.

The main challenge to implement these actions was the fact that the most advanced online marketing tools use English and Latin characters as standards. In those cases when it's possible, we had to implement extreme customization to be able to function using Japanese writing. 

Even doing simple things as using forms with dates and prices was a challenge when creating the new online systems.

Also, we needed to adapt our online marketing strategies to the Japanese culture. Every country has its own ways of communicating and doing business, and frequently things that could have been easily implemented in the United States were impossible to work in Japan.

Therefore, we worked closely with a team of translators, web developers and the managers of the stores to create a customized online marketing strategy. 

We needed to be extremely creative since this type of marketing for a trampoline park brand has never been seen in Japan before. We were the pioneers.

Get Air new website to be launched in 2020.

(*Due to COVID 19, Get Air parks are currently closed and online systems have been paused. New website to be released)

We created a whole new website with a fully customized solution for online tickets and integrations with preferred Japanese types of payments. We also optimized the content for a user friendly experience and a complete makeover of the branding.

Creation of an email list with past clients and an optimized system for new sign ups. This action will double the amount of monthly new contacts  in the email list which also translates into more sales. (Estimated growth: from 3000 to 6000 new emails per store every month).
Email Marketing Campaigns observing Japanese holidays and specific cultural needs to create consistent engagement and repeating sales.




"Lorna (Guru Marketing) has done a fantastic job as a consultant for GetAir. We've renewed our contract once after the initial 3-month period and we've completed a second contract for 10 months. We are currently looking into renewing the contract again".

John S., CEO Get Air Japan.



The Cornel School of Contemporary (Shepherd University)was looking to improve their online presence in order to attract more students for their Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Music Programs.

As the main strategy, we started working organically, promoting the stellar members of the faculty through video interviews and video lessons on YouTube and specialized blogs.

As the result of our services, consulting and content creation, the Cornel School of Contemporary Music (Los Angeles, CA) has been featured on a continuous basis on the most important blog for its niche:, by one of the biggest music distribution companies in the world: CDBABY.

On this article, Lorna Earnshaw interviewed Michael Bradford (Madonna's, Deep Purple and Stevie Nick's producer). This action had no advertising costs involved and it featured one of the faculty members of the university to more than 3,188 targeted engaged readers within just a few months.

In addition, the articles were translated to Spanish and Portuguese and published by CD Baby on its international versions of the blog. This attracted new international music students looking for a university in the United States.

Faculty Member Michael Bradford, featured on DIY Musician (by CDBABY), one of the most important blogs in the world for independent musicians.

Here are the results:
International students moved to Los Angeles to study at the University to pursue Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Music.

This translated into approximately $500k in potential tuition from the new students enrolled after they got to know about the school as a result of our organic online strategy.

Watch the testimonials of some of these students on the videos below. Santiago moved to Los Angeles from Colombia after watching one of the Youtube videos produced for this campaign. Kia moved to Los Angeles from the Netherlands to study at Shepherd University after watching one of the videos with Professor Michael Bradford.


Meet Dr. Carlos Campos, former academic director of the Cornel School of Contemporary Music (Shepherd University, Los Angeles, California):




This is the campaign we created for 8-time Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Hollywood Fight Scene Coordinator and #1 Trainer of the Celebrities, Rigan Machado. The goal was to attract new students for his Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Beverly Hills , California.

We created leads at a cost of US $1.2 each paid to Facebook and we got a conversion rate of 33% to convert leads into new students. This means that for every 3 leads, the Academy got one new student. Considering membership plans are US $247 and up per month and that most of the students usually stay training for around 6 months, the lifetime customer value is around  US $1,480 per student.

Therefore, we achieved a 411 X ROI (return on investment) for this Facebook Ad Campaign.

We used his celebrity status and the testimonials of A-List Hollywood celebrities he trains (Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel, Wesley Snipes, Mickey Rourke, etc) as part of the video ad.


"Lorna is a Black Belt in Online Marketing" (Master Rigan Machado, 8 times BJJ World Champion and Hollywood Celebrity Trainer)



Pro Car Collision Center is a Body Shop in the San Fernando Valley, California. Their goal was to ensure a consistent flow of new clients every month.

After analyzing the specific situation of their business, we identified various circumstances in which they would get new clients:

- Someone crashed their car and needed urgent assistance

- Someone gave a referral to someone who just crashed their car

- Someone wanted to improve the looks of their car by getting rid of old dents or applying a new paint

In any case, we needed to create new relationships and awareness in the area so that when the unexpected happens, Pro Car would be top of mind as the most trusted option.

We decided to create a Facebook Ads campaign offering a low price offer: Scratch Removal.

This service would normally cost around $200 dollars, but we offered it for only $60 dollars. This would cover the cost of the service and pay for the advertisement.

We also did a Facebook Live campaign to promote the Discounted Scratch removal and another Video Campaign to promote the Complete Paint Job at a discounted rate.

Since 50% of Pro Car Collision's clients are latin, we decided to split test ads in Spanish and in English.

By creating options for different offers, types of videos and audiences we were able to identify what was the best converting and profitable one.

Here are some of the ads we created as part of the campaign:


Results for the Pro Car Collision Center "Make it Rain" 4-Step Campaign:

The best converting campaign was the LIVE BROADCAST. More than 60 clients booked appointments and downloaded coupons for the Scratch Removal Offer. Once clients were at the store, 15% decided to upgrade from the Scratch Removal to the Complete Paint Job.

This campaign had 15X ROI. 

The only reason why they turned the campaign off is because they couldn't handle so many new clients!


Fabricio Busto, manager of "Pro Car Collision Center".



Stellar Lighting System is a very successful e-commerce company that sells exclusive lighting for photography and video. Their main niche is entrepreneurs and beauty bloggers.

Even though when they came to us they already had a large volume of traffic visiting their website and a business on its way to 7-figures a year, they knew they could be growing at a faster pace.

Their business had been built thanks to affiliate programs and influencers recommending their products.

Through our "ROI Boost" program, we detected opportunities to grow their revenue and increase sales just by optimizing their systems and identifying where they were leaving money on the table.

As part of our services, we advised on the creation of an email marketing campaign for Black Friday. Then we optimized their website, included social proof and reengaged past customers.


-More than $50K in sales during Black Friday Weekend.

-Increase from 0.5% conversion rate on their website to 1%. This DOUBLED their revenue.

This is how Guru Marketing started. After the online success of its founder, Lorna Earnshaw


 Her YouTube channel started in 2007. In 2008, she started using Youtube and Google SEO to promote her in-person voice coaching sessions. 

By 2010, she had a fully booked schedule and a waiting list, just out the new students who found her on YouTube and Google.

In 2011,  she created a blog and in 2012 she started selling her first info-product online: a set of DVDs with her singing method.

In 2015, she started a marketing campaign (organically) to promote her online singing courses. Here are some of her results:

Viral Facebook Ads Campaign: ONE VIDEO AD
-1.7 MM views
-22 K Comments


Only out of this ad, more than 100 coaching programs were sold.

Amazon #1 Best Seller in  5 categories for the launch of "SPEAK OUT!" 

As a first time author self-publishing her first book, Lorna's chances to make it to the list of Best Sellers on Amazon, the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, were small.

However, she put together a pre-launch strategy engaging her followers from around the world and her first book on its first edition made it as an Amazon #1 Best Seller in 5 strategies in both the United States and Brazil.

AMAZON US categories:

- Acting and Auditioning

- Voice

- Public Speaking

AMAZON BRAZIL categories:

- Atuação e audição (acting and auditioning)

- Falar em Público (Public Speaking)

- Artes, filmes e fotografia (Arts, movies and Photography).