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Lessons for Guitar, Piano and Voice, Bass and Drums. High-End Organization.

Lorna Earnshaw is an experienced music educator with 18 years of experience teaching dance and music to kids and adults. Her unique approach to music education as a part of a holistic process prepares the young students for life and provides a joyful experience for all those who want to have fun with music while mastering their favorite instruments. 

Vocal Production, Vocal Coaching, Music Theory, Songwriting and mentoring services offered by Lorna Earnshaw after enrollment process.
Drums and Bass classes available by our highly qualified instructors,

We truly care about all of our students success so we take time and diligence to enroll each student.
To ensure quality we are not able to accept every applicant. Please click the button below for more information about our enrollment process.

Our Students

Meet Giulia Locatelli. She started taking singing lessons with Lorna at age 13.



Our enrollment process is as follows:

1- Complete the enrollment form.
2- Complete a 20 minute admissions phone call. This helps us set our students up for a truly successful experience.
3- Complete an enrollment lesson where you get to experience our level of coaching and we can determine the best way to move forward.

Rates range from $320 to $550 monthly.
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