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"Dear teacher: I would like to thank you for the great impact you've had in my life during the past year. Before I met you, I couldn't sing absolutely anything, but I had a strong desire to learn. Then, I signed up for your complete program in March 2015 and now, less that a year after that, I can sing! Of course, there is room for improvement... but I followed the steps you suggested, I worked hard, I believed in what you were teaching and it's working out! Thank you VERY MUCH! God bless you. Please continue with your wonderful mission!"

Rafael Yanez
(São Paulo, Brazil)

"THERE ISN'T ANYTHING OUT THERE EVEN CLOSE TO LORNA'S METHOD! For example, NOBODY teaches the step-by-step for the rib-abdominal breathing the way she does. I've already tried other methods of good professionals but I've never felt so excited about any other program as I feel about hers. Lorna, congratulations! You've created a fantastic method! This program needs to be spread in order to help a lot more people around the workd! I've watched every lesson in the program and I want to thank you for teaching me so much! I even achieved the goal I had when I first signed up, which was to be accepted at the worship team at my church!"

Jair Junior
(Student, Sao Paulo, SP)

""I bought the program a couple of weeks ago, I am practicing and I already feel a huge improvement! I recommend it to all of those who would like to sing better. Congratulations Lorna for your amazing work and for delivering the proper techniques that have made all the difference!"

Rully Gullyt
(Entrepreneur, Portimao, Portugal)


Singing online program by Lorna Earnshaw (Hollywood, CA)

This program is recommended for singers will all levels of experience and it serves different contemporary genres (pop, rock, gospel, jazz, etc). In this course you will learn the vocal techniques of Lorna's  method: Mindful Singing® 

- 3 months membership program. Every week you will receive a new modules with  a new vocal workouts and extra content. 

- Format: Online. Video-lessons, PDF, mp3s. Available 24/7


Start noticing improvements only a few weeks after signing up! 


1) "VOCAL GYM" Membership: 3 months for free to participate in live vocal lessons directly from Hollywood, with individual interaction and extra content, according to your needs. The topics of the lessons will be decided through monthly surveys among the students!

2) PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to ask your questions, connect with your colleagues around the world and to participate of exclusive live broadcastings.

Content of Sing it Out!:

– More than 10 hours of video lessons
– 12 weekly vocal routines 
– More than 50 mp3
– Handouts in PDF.
– Theory and practice
– Relaxation (exercises to get rid of the tension that makes your singing harder)
– Articulation (strengthening of lips, tongue and facial muscles plus vocal tract control) 
– Breathing technique  (step-by step for you to master Abdominal Breathing and Rib Abdominal Breathing)
– Resonators (how to amplify your voice in order to achieve a powerful voice effortlessly) Belting, Mix Voice.
– Pitch accuracy. (Ear training and vocal exercises in mp3)
– How to sing high notes
– How to create and improve your personal sound
– Vocal health tips

- Exclusive vocal warm up

and a lot more!

– Preserve your vocal health by preventing vocal disorders caused by singing without technique.
– Correct the mistakes you've been making while singing. These mistakes might have been causing you to get hoarse and to feel discomfort. (In case you present any of these symptoms and you continue to sing without fixing it you might create a vocal disease or even polyps which can only be removed through surgery).

- Optimize your vocal range! Hit higher and lower notes effortlessly, the way you've always dreamed of!
– Improve your self-confidence! Finally understand the real reasons why you are not singing the way you would like to (which are mostly your current lack of a proper vocal technique) and fix the concrete issues that are getting in the way. Soon enough, you will sing better and you will feel more relaxed and confident while performing in public!
– Find your own voice: discover the best version of your own voice. Express yourself and your unique personality by mastering every aspect of your voice. Feel free to be yourself!

- Do you think your voice is not pleasant? Sing more beautifully every day and improve your performance.
– Improve your stamina. Get stronger and sing longer without getting tired. By training these vocal workouts, you will be able to sing for hours!

- Improve your self-esteem by feeling more confident while singing in public.

- Relax and have fun!  Extensive scientific research has proved that singing will promote your well-being and your mental health by relieving stress, anxiety and depression.
– Free access for one year and available download of the content in MP3 for you to keep practicing for the rest of your life!

- Video lessons, PDF, MP3 for you to practice with you phone, tablet or desktop. Save time and money and study with me from wherever you are! You will get the same high-end education my students receive at my Hollywood studio after paying thousands of dollars to learn the same exercises! 
- Watch the lessons as many time as you wish, without the risk of forgetting how to perform the exercises, which usually happens in one-two-one not recorded lessons. 

You can access the course at your convenience and you will still have an organized step-by-step system of organized routines. You will get detailed directions on how to practice and for how long.

You will see the results after training only 30 minutes 3 times a week from home!

Get high-end music education without having to pay the expensive tuition rates of the prestigious american  universities!





100% Guaranteed!

We believe so much in our method that, in case you don't like our content, you have 30 days to ask for a complete refund.

Try it out at no risk!

One-time payment for the complete 12-week program

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